Cherry POP! Sampler Box

Weight 8.00 Ounces
Gift Wrapping Available
Combinations Required

"Cherry Popping" is a common phrase that has a few meanings! In our case we're going to take 2 common meanings.

1) To Experience Something for the 1st time, something new, unique, and different!

2) It also means to buy you a gift so perfect you almost explode with happiness. It comes from an old movie about two young lovers.

This is the Perfect "I have no idea what to try 1st box" It's full of our favorite things, and in 4 or more different scents for you to experience a little bit of everything! Just choose your Category of the type of scents you prefer: Fresh/Clean, Fruity/Exotics, Herbals, Earthy Girl, Sassy & Sexy, Mixology (fusions across multiple categories) and For the Gentleman


sampler box full with any combination of the following:

natural soaps, body oils, body butters, bistro bath bomb, vegan lip butta, hand sanitizer, sugar/salt body slushie scrub, sea salt soaks, body mist, organic body wash, natural hair products, and/or body frosting.