Hand Sanitizers

Weight 6.00 Ounces
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Not your ordinary hand sanitizer, but of course, nothing at Bubble Bistro is ordinary

This unique Vegan, Soy Free, Aloe Vera & Glycerin Infused Hand Sanitizer will be your fave

In all your favorite BB Exclusive Smells. Long Awaited, We heard your requests


Variety 3 Pack 

Perfect For Your Bag Stash and this season's Stocking Stuffers

Product Reviews

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Written by Regina E Montgomery on 12th Oct 2017

these products are unique in feel texture and fragrance. I cant wait to order more

Hand Sanitizer
Written by Tara Hope McCollum on 30th Jul 2017

The hand sanitizers are great and smell so good! my favorite scent is Asia! I will purchase again...

Must have for your car, purse, desk at work, etc
Written by Happy Customer on 2nd Jun 2017

This is literally the BEST hand sanitizer out there. This is coming from someone who suffers from EXTREMELY dry hands. Not only that, I can't exfoliated as often as I'd like because that triggers eczema patches. I was scared to try it at first because I just knew that it was going to burn and irritate the sensitive skin on my hands. That didn't happen at all. This product does contain a lot of alcohol, but the other ingredients are so moisturizing that it balances out. It doesn't dry my hand and makes them feel like I just washed them. The scent is also very strong and lasting, which is a plus, so make sure to get some in scents that you like to wear. I have received about 13 of these between two orders, but i'll definitely be ordering more for other people in the future

A must have for everyday life!
Written by Tanya10312000 YouTube on 31st May 2015

It's hand sanitizer so what can I say? Well... I can say that it cleans my hands after touching people and things that I don't want to touch but have to! What makes this sanitizer stand out is #1 I get to choose the fragrance! My favorites are Fruit Punch, Oatmeal & Honey and Grape! #2 I love that it is in a spray style. I can easily drop this in a pocket in my purse - because it is a long tube like bottle, it is easy to find, grab, use and application is very simple. My hand sanitizer is always with me! Is now part of Tanya's Grail items!