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These special washes & soaps all have a PURPOSE. They go above and beyond the "get clean" call of duty. The ingredients in each bar are specific to their cause. This category is extensive with spa bars, moisture bars, cream soaps, botanical blends, and healers. The descriptions give you a clear idea of their ability, and once you use one of these bars, they can speak for themselves. Life's Little Luxuries.....start here!

The Body Wash is a vegan, organic fusion of lathering bliss. It may also be used as a natural bubble bath.

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Butter Baby Bar

For centuries this grain ingredient has led the way in skin benefits. But we always have to MAKE IT BETTER. In our unscented line, this one is Numero Uno! Buttermilk, Whipped Shea Butter, Rainforest Honey & Oatmeal! Víola!! you’ve got...
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Lemon & Clay Facial Bar

Purifying! Clarifying! Refreshing! Crisp, tangy lemon lifts your spirits and cleans like no other all while the clay inside brings out impurities and refines your skin. Lemons gone wild with this blend of organic lemon juice, lemon peel powder with lemon...
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Natural Shampoo Bars

Our famous natural shampoo bars are what your hair needs! Formulated for both natural and processed hair, these shampoo bars will bring your hair back to LIFE!    Moisturizing, no harsh stripping chemicals, big fluffy, rich and conditioning...
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Shea & Aloe Moisture Bar

Another top seller in our unscented line, the Shea & Aloe soap has endless benefits. Raw African Shea Butter is whipped with Aloe Vera and then added to the finished soap to preserve its natural goodness. A great regular soap for sensitive skin, a...
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Skin Vacuum Detox Face & Body Bar

Our trademark signature Facial Bar! We would claim it is the cure to acne, but don’t want to hassle with the FDA right now, so we’ll let you be your own judge. Full of everything to draw out, dry up, purify, and DEEP CLEANSE, or you could...
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