Wild Honey & Herb Shampoo Bar

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Lemongrass, Mint, Rosemary, and a hint of Lavender swirled into shea butter and drizzled with Island Wildflower Honey. Yes it Rocks! Coconut & Olive Oils as well, yup it Really Rocks! A deep cleansing and moisturizing shampoo bar for all hair types. The added herbs remove chemical build up trapped in your hair follicles. It is a unisex scent fresh and uplifting appealing to men, women, and children. You won't find a better shampoo. Oh and yes it's also super green and eco friendly seeing that its a solid bar that lathers like crazy, when its all gone that's it...no empty bottle to add to our landfills.

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No More Commercial Shampoo
Written by Alisa on 22nd Sep 2019

This was my first time using the honey and herb shampoo bar and ummm... My hair just hollered!!! Lol. If you are still on the fence about getting this shampoo bar, just do yourselves a solid and just try it! It will leave your hair squeaky clean and it won't leave your hair feeling stripped! This bar also has a nice, clean scent and lathers very well. Trust me. . .YOU WILL NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE and be prepared to throw away all other commercial shampoo in the trash!

Whew chile...
Written by Serena on 28th Jan 2019

As long as I've been shopping with Bubble Bistro and I've been sleeping on this shampoo bar until today. This lathers up beautifully and had my 5z strands feeling like BUTTA! My hair didn't feel stripped at all. Love the smell of this and it's a good sized shampoo bar which means it will last me a long time. Bubble Bistro shows out on everything they make! Take all my coins!

I am believer!!!!!!
Written by Monica on 25th Jan 2017

That Honey & Herb Shampoo Bar........Yaaaassss Lawd!!! I must admit i couldn't wrap my head around washing my hair with a bar of soap. It lathered up so well I was shocked. Best experience ever!!!

Written by Jernita Randolph on 8th Dec 2013

I fell in love with this product the moment I read the ingredients...it's packed full of everything your hair needs to grow and be healthy. You can smell the bar before you even take it out the package and the scent is wonderful! A little goes a LONG ways...looking at the bar I can't even tell that I used any of it up. It lathers up fast and it cleans very well without leaving hair dry or with a residue. My scalp is squeaky clean and I have a lot of hair. The bar was also faster because I wasn't slowed down by having to squeeze a bottle and no shampoo was lost down the drain. LOVE IT!

This can't be this good!
Written by Logan Michaels on 6th Mar 2013

When I say, I love this shampoo bar! I am not kidding. I don't have to wash my hair near as much when I was using regular shampoo. This has knocked everything I was using out the door.

The best shampoo ever
Written by Jen on 21st Feb 2011

I have curly hair that gets dried out and tangled easily. This is the only shampoo that I have tried that doesn't dry my hair out, without leaving it greasy, and I've tried them all. Plus it smells awesome. I won't use anything else, if I can help it.

The SH!+!!!
Written by undefined on 5th Sep 2010

Better than the media brand shampoos!

Hands Down
Written by Walt on 1st Sep 2010

this shampoo is the shit! I hope my review makes it but there wasn't a better choice of words. Some stuff just has to be said. Big azz lather, shea butter creamy, lemon herbal minty fresh tingle clean scalp. Hands down best shampoo I ever tried...the bar concept too cool

Written by Mia on 11th Jun 2010

I have thought for all these years that high dollar, supposedly great shampoos were the best. I was referred to this product by a friend and gave it a try. Seriously the best damn shampoo ever! This was the cleanest my hair has EVER been, so fresh! I have been converted! And the smell is ridiculously good!