The Addicted Package

Weight 64.00 Ounces
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5 Natural Soaps

3 Bistro Bath Bombs

4 Body Oils

2 Body Sprays

1 Body Frosting

Value ($90)

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 8 ratings)
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Written by Caniqua Williams on 19th Mar 2019

This package is worth every penny. It was so much in the package, I was able to share. And everything smells so good.

Written by Icies on 25th Jan 2019

I just absolutely loved everything in my package can't wait to buy more!!!

Nice package with variety
Written by Teressa on 9th Jan 2018

It has been awhile since I had purchased from Bubble Bistro so I needed to be Reintroduced. This package does just that. The variety of scents that can be layered and worn together are amazing! The scents last forever which is a plus!!! Get this package. You won't be disappointed.

Addictive Package
Written by Mrs. Alisha Renee' Williams on 30th Dec 2017

This package was worth every cent. The variety was on point and the quality over all is top notch.

Wonderful products!
Written by undefined on 5th Aug 2017

Love this package every piece have me floating in cloud nine all day!

Simply fantastic!
Written by MLH on 29th Apr 2017

The soaps, oils and bath fizz balls are awesome. The fragrances are pleasing and long lasting. I would definitely recommend this product!

enjoying everything
Written by Shalanda on 7th Mar 2016

I absolutely love everything in this package

love love love
Written by undefined on 17th Dec 2015

I am in Love!!! Perfect gift!!!!