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A yummy bundle load of our Bistro Bombs! A great gift idea for a bathaholic, someone who understands the art of bathing. Also a good way to save on multiple bistro bombs.

Mixed variety of 8 Bistro Bath Bombs


full of moisture rich shea butter, mango butter, dried herbs, and fruit powders and extracts. For serious bathers only!! 

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Bath Bombs Goodness
Written by Ericka Wallace on 15th Jan 2019

When I tell you...this is one of my favorite products! I have the hardest time deciding on which bomb to use because the scents are so enchanting! Do yourself a favor and order this product and enjoy! Smells great and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth!

Bath Bombs are the BOMB!
Written by Coffee S. on 28th Aug 2018

My first time ever ordering from here and was told to start off with this and the Cherry Pop Sampler Box. I had no idea what I would get but I’m so glad I ordered it...these babies smell soooooooo good, every last one of them and it’s A LOT! They each come individually wrapped you can still smell them from the wrapper. I have them all sitting inside of a glass bowl in my bathroom and it has my bathroom smelling like an Oasis. Some of the bombs came crushed but it’s no big deal because they’re gonna dissolve in the water anyway but I’m HOOKED on Bubble Bistro from this point on! ☺️

These bombs
Written by Tiffany on 9th Jun 2018

These are the only... I do mean only products I will use on my body! This bucket make my relaxing baths just a bit more relaxing!!

Not your regular store mall bath bomb
Written by Terri A on 28th Dec 2017

Okay straight up you know that if you tried those store brands of bath bombs with the pretty colors and fizzles in the tub right? Yeah i loved them too. Why it do that? It has synthetic ingredients. Yes they say natural synthetic well in my opinion it doesn't make it great. Bubble bistro bath bombs don t fizzle In your tub like the others but it's better for your skin. Gogetyousome

Written by JaeAngelena Adams on 30th Nov 2017

These bombs included in this package were amazing. They relax the mind, body, and soul after a hard workout. They help unleash a more relaxed and mentally focused queen. The aromas permeates the senses.

Time just slips away........
Written by undefined on 6th Mar 2017

I decided to test out the Madagascar bath bomb yesterday. The smell was heavenly!!! I settled in with a book for a little relaxation. Before I knew it 3 hours had passed and I finished the book. Lol!!! These things are addictive and make you lose all sense of time. I will definitely be ordering more.

Written by Tanisha on 7th Feb 2017

My very first purchase and am in awe of the generous size and quality. The fragrance is just right; not overwhelming and lasts through entire soaking time. These bath bombs are moisturizing and the fizzing (versus bubbling). One of the best features is that the color doesn't stain (the tub); due to the butters, the color will temporarily adhere to the tub walls, but it washes away cleanly.

The Best Bath Bombs EVER!!!
Written by Andrika Slater on 7th Sep 2016

These are the bomb...literally! Sit back...close your eyes and drift off to any tropical escape of your choice with all of the fruity and exotic scents and feel refreshed afterwards. You literally will not want to leave the! I am absolutely amazed at the work Andrea puts in to these.

The Best
Written by Lois Dixon on 23rd Feb 2016

I Love Bubble Bistro its the best the best.

Written by tanyika reynolds on 8th Jul 2015

This was one of my first purchases and these bath bombs made bath time feel like heaven. I ordered the mixologist mix. I couldn't believe how moisturizing they were and the scents were awesome.. I also enjoyed the fact that they didn't make a bunch of bubbles just a soothing fizz.. I did notice that I received 1 huge bomb and the rest were smaller. I

I used to be a loyal Lush customer until I used Bubble Bistro...
Written by Tanya10312000 - YouTube on 31st May 2015

I just ordered my third Bomb Bucket! My first one was the Fresh & Clean sampler which I really liked. The second was the Fruity & Exotic sampler which I absolutely loved! This scents take me back to my childhood! Scents like Fruit Punch, Grapefruit, Berry Bomb, Grape and Smurf just produce an emotion of pure bliss when I am in the tub trying to down shift after a long and stressful day. The bath bombs release great fragrances into the bathroom but they are also extremely moisturizing to my skin! When I step out of the bath tub I fell clean and my skin feels well moisturized! This product has now been factored into my budget as a every two month expense!

Moisturizing bath bombs
Written by Scheria on 3rd May 2015

Leaves skin highly moisturized and smelling good. Highly relaxing. Pairs well with bodie slushies. Will repurchase.

Sassy & Sexy
Written by Kita on 30th Apr 2015

Did reorder this product.Tried the Sassy & Sexy scent for the bath bombs this time & still happy!! The scents are still fragrant & moisturizing I will keep this item in stock!!

Bistro Bombs
Written by Kita on 13th Apr 2015

OMG fragrant goodness!!The bombs are also very moisturizing. The Nectarine & Fruit Punch is my favorite!! Also bombs don't stain tub. Will be reordering!

bath bombs
Written by undefined on 26th Mar 2015

These Bombs are all that!! #getyousome

Written by Jasmine on 12th Jun 2010

Hi my name is Jasmine and Im addicted to Bistro Bombs! NO WHERE else can you get this kind of value. These things are awesome and a special way to treat yourself after a long week. There are many makers out there but these are by far SUPERIOR!! LOVE THE SHANGHAI BOMB!