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Bold. Sassy. Chic. Diva. If these words describe you, then this is the collection for you. These butters melt into an enchanting, enticing fusion that lasts all day! Serious moisturizing and skin spoiling going on! No water added, no harsh chemicals or preservatives. UNcut, raw, greatness that is sure to please. You will not experience a better body butter.  Served up in a 8oz jar

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Excellent Body Butter
Written by Olivia on 19th Mar 2019

My husband tells me I smell delicious when I wear this. He also says my skin feels very very soft.

Smells yummy
Written by shayla todd on 25th Jul 2017

Love the body butters. The smells are the best and they go on so smooth

Body Butter Sassy
Written by Audrey on 2nd Feb 2017

The Pretty Lady sassy body butter is one of my favorites. I love they way it smells. The body butter is only thing I can use on my skin. I have very sensitive skin and eczema. I also love the fact that all of your products are natural. My sister bought me the I want it all gift set for my birthday one year. Every since then, I have been hooked on your products. I love Bubble Bistro!!!

Written by Cherisa C. on 3rd Jan 2017

I ordered during the Black Friday weekend sale a quite a few scents came from this collection. Listen cotton candy and jet setter, the TOP of the list. Everything smells exactly how it sounds I am in loveeee ❤️

I've Been Sleeping On Blush
Written by Lucy Marshall on 11th Oct 2016

BLUSH is my 2nd favorite to Fig & Love, SOON to be my first. You can mix it with quite a few things and I didn't know it. My fave mix is with Grapefruit. It reminds me of a trip I took to Houston, TX where I stayed at a Bed & Breakfast. ;-) Oh yes! It's light enough to no offend anyone with a sensitive nose, but, just enough to turn manTy heads. God bless you.

Written by undefined on 31st Mar 2016

It's awesome!

Written by Shalanda on 7th Mar 2016

I order the bombshell body butter and I'm in love with it I love the way it smells and it is very moisturizing

Written by Lisa on 1st Mar 2016

This body butter smells & feels absolutely luxurious and wonderful. Love it as do the oil also.

Just keeps getting better!!!!!!
Written by Angel on 29th Jun 2015

Just when you think you have a few scents and you have decided on your faves (all of them) you are tripped up with the next order of Bubble Bistro goodness. Please trust they are all amazing. New installment of butters were pretty lady and Honey love. Pretty lady is sooooooo amazing, and honey love just knocks it out of the park. Nothing more to say. Get it and get it now.

Magic (singing in my high pitched voice)
Written by BlenCouragesU on 30th May 2015

People, people, people, The customer service alone hooked me--these folks answered my very steady stream of questions on Thursday and still managed to get my inaugural order to me by Saturday. Impressive! Then....The Magic Body Butter came along and now I just randomly stop and sniff--yep--it smells just that yummy, y'all. You can thank me by saving me some Magic, ok?

Written by Angel on 28th May 2015

This Sassy and Chic is so far my favorite section, but I love it all. The butters are so firm yet buttery. And the scents are just out of this world. Will continue to purchase forever!!!!

gimme mo butta
Written by undefined on 24th Apr 2015

Love this!!!! I almost let how hard this product is get to me but got past that quickly. I can use this at night time after a shower and still be moisturizer and smelling good the next morning. The cotton it! Now I just need some funnel cake to be at the fair for real ;)

Love this stuff!
Written by Shamara b. on 16th Dec 2014

I heard nothing but good things about bubble bistro so decided to give it a try and it exceeded my expectations. EVERYTHING smells and works great! Her customer service is unlike any other, she is very attentive, works with you and your craziness,lol. she has a customer for as long as she keeps making products! Already ordered again and prepping my cart for my next order!

In love!
Written by Monique Williams (Hattiesburg, Ms) on 18th Jul 2013

I think I have a problem! I have an addiction to body butter! I have Jolly Rancher, Fig and Love, Gooseberry, Fantasy, and Ginger Peach!!! And I don't want to stop here!!! I love the way it makes my skin feel and I am always getting compliments on the way that I smell. A little goes a LONG way! What I like the most is the fragrance lasts!!!

Love Love Love!
Written by Karen J. on 17th Apr 2013

This is the most wonderful product! It moisturizes and smells great! I love the complements I get on the scent (Fig and Love) and I send them here! Love, Love, Love it!

Creamy and Pure
Written by MrsG on 15th Mar 2013

I ordered the gooseberry and fantasy body butters; I have my whole house and job lit up! There is always someone trying to figure out what I have on or where that delicious smell is coming from. I am know for my Bath & Body Works/Vicky's Secret smells but none have gotten me the compliments that I have received just in the past week. The body butter glides on so easy and melts into your skin. New customer for life!