Body Frosting SASSY

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The PERFECT fusion of raw fair trade exotic Brazilian butter and hand pressed avocado oil. Handwhipped into a dreamy, slather, hypnotically moisturizing experience. A soft, creamy, frosting consistency in all your favorite Bubble Bistro concoctions. Yup, that about sums it up!

Due to high demand and ingredient availability, order turn time *may* be slightly longer, but worth the wait.

Product Reviews

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SASSY Body Frosting
Written by Trinika on 29th Sep 2019

SASSY has an intoxicating fragrance

Shea Whip Body Frosting
Written by Mzkaramel on 1st Feb 2019

I love my frosting. The texture and scent is awesome.

Shea Whip Body Frosting
Written by JACQUELYN ABBEY on 1st Feb 2019

I love my frosting. The texture and scent is awesome.

Pillow Talk!!
Written by Mrs. Shoe on 1st Jan 2019

This scent is the bomb!!! I'm going to order the body wash and body oil to go along with the body frosting.

Sugar Mama
Written by Sheryl Addison on 13th Sep 2018

My first experience with Sugar Mama was in a deodorant. I fell in love with the scent. I'm not sure why I am just now trying it in body frosting but I absolutely LOVE IT. All of the body frostings are winners because it leaves your skin feeling so smoothe! It puts me in mind of cotton candy with a dab of sandalwood maybe, I don't know. It's just GOOD!. It is definitely on my list of staple items to keep on hand!

Shea Whip Body Frosting
Written by Karamel on 30th Jul 2018

I love it. I love the scent too.

Love the rich scent and shea oils of this product
Written by Rebecca Felts on 20th Jan 2017

I have very dry hands and this is a wonderful product to restore moisture. I also love the scent and can mix it with my other fragrances for a nice and unique scent.

Simply AMAZING!!
Written by KSF on 21st Aug 2016

I love this product! It smells refreshing! I get MANY compliments! It last ALL DAY LONG!

It smells so good....
Written by Tiffany M. Graham on 4th Jun 2016

Ginger peach is one of many shea whip body frosting products that Bubble Bistro has to offer that I absolutely LOVE. It definitely was a hit at my Art gallery showing last night. I couldn't finish talking about one of my pieces before someone was asking me what Perfume I was wearing. I was proud to say it was a all natural product you could only get from Bubble Bistro. It gave me the extra confidence I needed to rock my night.

Soft, Silky and Smooth!
Written by Jane K. on 13th May 2016

Sugar Mama whipped body butter is amazing. I'm a first-time customer ISO the perfect body butter and this may be it. I wish Bubble Bistro was in DC b/c I wanna smell all the scents that this body butter comes in. My dry skin is smoothed out perfectly and feels silky to the touch even a day after! So awesome!

Written by Jen on 9th Mar 2016

The frostings are my favorite product! great scents and good lawd I finally got my hands on some magic it is EVERYTHING!! just like everything else I LOVE IT! #bratforlife

my favorite product
Written by Leslie Mathews on 21st Feb 2016

This product is one that I use daily, it is very delicate but noticeable. I get compliments on how soft my skin is and how good the product smells.

Pleasantly Surprised !!!!!!
Written by undefined on 21st Sep 2015

First of all , I was initially disappointed because I ordered the Magic scent, which took a while to receive because it was custom made, after speaking to the owner personally she assured me I would have my order by the weekend, which was in 2 days. I did not see how she was going to pull it off, but she did. I'am very satisfied with my purchase , the customer service was ultimately Excellent, and I'am getting ready to place another order as a gift!!! the scents I've tested so far are lasting and and smell nice!!!

Wonderful fragrance that has you feeling soft
Written by undefined on 30th Jul 2015

I am really enjoying my new fragrances. Every frosting or body butter that I have ordered, I have enjoyed.It leaves you smelling better than a rose and feeling soft.