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THE LEGEND OF ALL BODY SCRUBS. Perfectly balanced to exfoliate, moisturize and indulge yourself

**Please DO NOT request different scents from what is listed for Black Friday weekend***



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Pillow Talk Body Slushie
Written by Tara on 19th Jan 2024

I love how this slushie exfoliates and mosturizes my skin! Not to mention how sensual and sexy the fragrance is! 10 out 10 would recommend!

Written by Prissy Jones on 30th Sep 2021

OMG!!! The Watermelon scented Body Slushie smells ABSOLUTELY A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!! This scrub is divine, extremely refreshing and truly hydrates my skin like non other.

Written by Nikki Devould on 3rd Sep 2021

The Body Slushies are easily my favorites; alone or with the "I Want It All" Bundle!!! They look, feel, and smell AMAZING!!!! Everytime I use one my entire bathroom is filled with the scent, and afterwards my skin is moisturized and soft. I Love Fruity or Sweet Treat scents like: Watermelon Melonade, Blow Pop, Sherbet, Cotton Candy, and Fruit Punch to name a few!!!

Love at first smell
Written by Diona Roberts on 10th Apr 2021

I love the way the Body Slushie makes my skin feel after a shower. Then the scents are just heavenly. So far I love Pillow Talk, Mango Papaya, and Coconut Milk. I’m a Brat for life!!

Officially an Addiction
Written by Rita on 17th Feb 2021

Not just for myself, but family and friends. Love Watermelon, Mango Papaya, Honey Love and Coconut

Body Slushie
Written by VaLisa Tate on 1st Feb 2021

Out of this world experience. I love how my skin feels after getting out of the shower. The sent is soft and pleasant. Hands down the best body slushie ever.

Body Slushie Review
Written by Yolanda Richardson on 21st Jan 2021

I ABSOLUTELY love the body slushies! They all smell great and leave your skin delicately exfoliated and feeling silky

Body Slushies
Written by Quinisia Hill on 5th Jan 2021

I absolutely love the body slushies... I get out of the shower glowing and smelling edible!! It leaves your skin soft and moisturized as well... My favorite fragrances are Narcissist, Pillow Talk and Honey Love... Gotta get a Bombshell next time

Body Slushie
Written by Alanna on 3rd Jan 2021

My absolute FAVORITE, from the oily texture which leaves you soft af to the scent. I just can’t get enough of it. It’s like a drug. I gotta have it! ❤️❤️

Product Review
Written by Toni Yvette Lobbins on 29th Dec 2020

I love the bubble Bistro everything is handmade with love... The body slushies make showering an experience

Body slushie
Written by Brandy on 15th Dec 2020

Best scrub ever! It not only leaves your skin smooth but moisturizes at the same time. No lotion is need afterwards.

body slushies are life
Written by ALISHA BREEDEN on 5th Dec 2020

The first time I tried this product was just few days ago. I must say it was love at first scrub! I have naturally dry skin and this product had my skin so moisturized and shining when I got out the shower. I instantly went back and made another purchase.

Product review
Written by Latoya Barnes on 9th Sep 2020

Look, when I tell Y’all this is everything!!!!!!!! Andrea ....... love you have me I don’t want to use nothing but your products and the smells especially the peach sangria is to die for my skin feels so soft I can’t wait to receive my next order cause as soon as I get it I am ordering som more

Written by R Morgan on 2nd Aug 2020

Sis!! These slushies are tha truth!! I'm not even big on fru fru shower stuff, but this has changed my whole point of view. I love the smell and how moisturizing it is. Watermelon is my fave but the Coconut and Mango Papaya are great too!

Ecstasy Scrub
Written by Kimberley Buford on 15th Jul 2020

I'm usually a Honey Love, Black Sugar, Cocktail, Sensual kinda brat, but this Ecstasy now on my list

Happiness in a jar
Written by Tiffany Wilson on 14th Jul 2020

The Body Slushies are amazing!!! The scents linger on your body all night & day; and will have your whole house smelling great. My skin is left feeling silky & smooth, and superbly moisturized. This product is a must have in multiple scents. There is NO other scrub better than this one.

Written by Samantha on 12th Jul 2020

I absolutely love this product! So far I have tried the Coconut one and it's amazing. Even though it's packed with good-for-you oils, it doesn't feel oily or leave a residue that's unappealing. My skin just really feels soft and moisturized after use. **One thing to note: just be careful of slippery feet/the shower floor after use as it does get a little slick.** :) Other than that, I am definitely addicted to this and you have found a customer FOR LIFE with this product.

Coconut Milk Body Slushie
Written by Stacy on 6th Jul 2020

Smells amazing and left my skin feeling great - definitely recommend!

Written by LaKesha McMorris on 27th May 2020

The body slushies are everything!!!!!! It leaves your skins so soft and moisturized!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! EVERYONE should treat their body to a slushie!!!❤️

Body Slushie
Written by April Burks on 24th May 2020

OMG When I Say My Skin So Soft. Great Scrub

Lemon Grass Body Slushie
Written by GIA STOKES on 21st May 2020

Best scrub ever! Leaves my skin silky smooth and fresh!

Amazing product
Written by Patrice Smith on 17th May 2020

Your body slushies are amazing. I haven’t found a scent I wasn’t in love with immediately and they leave my skin so smooth and moisturized! I can’t get enough!

Written by Tresa Carey on 17th May 2020

I love this product, have bought several. Leaves your skin soft and the smell is amazing!!!

amazing body scrub!
Written by D. King on 9th May 2020

listen people... BUY THIS SCRUB NOW. It leaves my skin so soft and silky.... and the smell... and my boo loves it... can't keep him off of me after I use this! The self care that this product provides... words can't explain. You won't regret this purchase.

Written by Kimberley Crutchfield on 9th May 2020

This Watermelon Scrub had the entire house smelling great! Leaves my skin soft and moisturized.

Body slushie
Written by Crystal on 9th May 2020

This is the best thing I have ever tried I will never go back to Bath and Body works again my skin is so soft and smooth I will be back

Honey Love Slush
Written by Ramona Rainey on 4th May 2020

Oh my gosh...left my body feeling good and very moisturize. Most definitely will purchase again

Written by Vanessa on 21st Apr 2020

This product was perfect for my eczema. I was moisturized and scrubbed smooth after one shower!

Better keep your skin soft during this quarantine
Written by Al on 3rd Apr 2020

I love the body slushies apart of the soft skin routine when I saw the scent cotton candy I had to get it. I don’t know which scent I’m going to try next. But better get you some can’t have jacked up skin when we get off of outside punishment.

Body Slushie Review
Written by Tenicia Williams on 18th Jan 2020

I received Honey Love.. the scent is amazing! It makes my skin so soft and removes all my dead skin. Very moisturizing

Love it!
Written by Rebekah on 17th Jan 2020

All of the products I've gotten from Bubble Bistro are great!

Yes and Yes!
Written by Chenise Anthony on 1st Jan 2020

This is one of my favorite products from Bubble Bistro. The smell is awesome and the slushie gently exfoliates. The best part is that the slushie contains the oil so you wont have to use additional oil, butter, or whip frosting (unless you want to).

Slushies are LIFE
Written by Kassie E. on 30th Dec 2019

I love Bubble Bistro products in general but my favorite product is the slushie. My skin feels smooth and is visibly moisturized. I purchased minis for my bridesmaids proposal boxes and everyone loved the items and complimented how good everything smelled

Written by Tresa on 29th Dec 2019

I love the way it makes your skin feel after using it!!! Even my granddaughter loves them!

Scrub Me Please!
Written by Jennifer S on 1st Dec 2019

Adds an extra layer of moisture and smells oh so good! Must have product!

One word: AWESOME! !
Written by Deborah Turley on 18th May 2017

Smelled so good I wanted to eat it! My skin is softer than ever. Love it!