Bistro Bomb

Weight 5.00 Ounces
Height 2.50 (in)
Width 2.50 (in)
Depth 2.50 (in)
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Drop one of these butter rich moisturizing balls of wonder in your bath. Relax, Unwind, and Feed Your Skin some good stuff. Enriched with organic butters, dried flowers, herbal teas, and sea salts. Pick them out individually here or grab a fun mixed up bucket of them

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Bistro Bomb
Written by Feleicia on 14th Jan 2020

These bombs are like alka seltzer for skin. My skin is silky soft and smooth after adding these little balls of goodness.

Honey Love, Detox, and Lemongrass
Written by Crystal on 20th Mar 2018

Household favs so far but Honey Love is my personal fav. It's so clean and fresh smelling. It lights up your entire bathroom. I carry the body frosting in my purse for my hands. **bath bombs can make your tub slippery I leave a towel at the bottom while stepping out.**

Written by Ericka Wallace on 29th Nov 2017

Love! Love! Love! Probably one of my most favorite products from BB! You can always tell quality! I’m still a newbie to Bubble Bistro but the bath bombs really give you life. The fragrance is one thing but the way your skin sings GLORY....they’re simply amazing! I love them! Skin instantly feels incredibly soft, fragrant, and pampered!!!!!

Bombs are BOMB!!!
Written by A.Hibbler on 1st Mar 2017

These Bombs are BOMB!!!! They give me life! They are so relaxing & have your skin so soft and moistiurized...OMG!!! They are a must have in my stash! I refuse to run out!!

Bath Heaven
Written by Danyelle Russell on 10th Sep 2016

The bombs take me to another place with the awesome smells and the way I feel after a hot bath

Written by Jen on 9th Mar 2016

First of all I have never seen bath bombs this large before, had my bathroom smelling like all types of yummy goodness-my kids coming in trying to get in lol I politely had to tell them to exit to the left. They left my skin feeling so soft afterwards-I love them!! I put my meditation music on an bout fell asleep in the tub! My hubby knocking on the door talkin bout when you comin out lol

Bath Bombs Relaxation!!!
Written by Cathy in Chicago on 28th Oct 2015

I ordered Lush & Asia bath bombs with my last order. Let me tell you that I was so relaxed I felt like a new Woman after my bath. So ready to take on the rest of my work week. Andrea you are the Mixmaster. #BathBombsChangedMyWorld

I spent over two hours in the bath tub this past Tuesday! I felt 20 times better mentally
Written by Tanya10312000 on 25th Jun 2015

Have you ever had one of those days where everything went wrong, your body was aching throughout due to PMS and you just wanted to cry? Well... That was me Tuesday. My job is very physically demanding at times and it is also takes me outdoors into the elements (it was hot!) more times than not. Plus I was just an emotional wreck the entire day! When I returned home I started the bath water and went to my bath bomb bucket and went down to the bottom where I stored my absolute favorite scents (fruit punch and grapefruit was all I had left). Let me just say I spent two hours in the bathtub. I am not exaggerating. I know it was two hours because my friend called me when I first got in the tub and then IPad messaged me two hours later saying, " Sseriously Tanya, get out of the tub now." When I got out of the tub, I felt 20 times better mentally and it was like all the stresses of the day just went away. I absolutely love the bath bombs and now they are just a factored in as a part of my monthly budget. My favorites: fruit punch, grapefruit, nectarine, pamper me and Mojito!

Written by Lekita Holmes on 21st Apr 2015

The bath bombs are the "BOMB"!!! I am addicted to the bath bombs!! Soon as I tried one bath bomb I had to order a bath bomb bucket. I love the cocohoney, fruit punch, grape, and nectarine.

Written by Logan Michaels on 6th Mar 2013

Yes GOD! I really am not much of a bath person. I would rather take a shower any day but that was before I found out what these things can do. I really have to stand back and throw mine in the tub from the living room because thats how good they are. They just turn your water into silk. They is nothing like them around. Just try one. You won't stop getting them from then on!

Written by Angie on 20th Jan 2013

I worked out this morning and decided to use one of these in my bath. It began to fizzle & dissolve as soon as I placed it in the water. Then it turned the water into a light green (I had Guava & Fig), while leaving a tropical scent in the bathroom. It smelt sooooooo good, but best of all, my skin felt beyond REMARKABLE for 2 days afterwards!

What the Hell is in this thing?
Written by Jennifer Daniels on 1st Sep 2010

Hi my name is Jennifer and I am officially addicted to these things. I've bought them other places but no way on Earth I will ever buy them anywhere else now that I've had a Bistro Bomb! It fizzes but then the butters melt and the water turns hypnotic....what the hell? Gotta get a bucket right now cause if I cant drop one of these in the tub just shoot me!

The Real Deal
Written by Tammi on 11th Jun 2010

Why can't I rate them an Infinity! I used to buy these cool tub treats from Lush, but I decided to give these a try after a friend told me about this place. OMG!!! These things turned my bath water into a lotion cream like moisture bath! And my bathroom was smelling awesome 2 days later! Im hooked! I thought I was buying the good stuff at Lush..NOT! These are much higher quality with great ingredients and a MUCH better price!