Lotion Lesson 1: Oil & Water DO NOT MIX! Find any store bought moisturizer and the 1st ingredient is water. Ever wondered why your lotion feels like it instantly evaporated? Your answer: it did! To combine oil and water requires a complex list of unpronounceable chemicals! We're sure you've rubbed on your share of water and chemicals called lotion, and tried a dip in wax filled mass produced body butters. We're not making this up, turn your lotion bottle around and google some of the ingredients and let us know what your choice is.


We have a 100% natural choice! Our whipped Shea Butter Smoothies are specially formulated with the right mix of butters and oils to give a creamy smoothie consistent, deep penetrating moisturizer! You may find yourself getting used to something so different, but your skin will enjoy every drop of it. No water is added, so neither are the crazy whack commercial chemicals. One note we'd like to point out: A LITTLE GOES A VERY, VERY LONG WAY! We have to leave something to the imagination, but it's creamy, rich, and of course smooth. Natural absorption without clogging your pores and ALL DAY moisture. Your skin will be thrilled for such a vitamin rich treat!

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Body Butter HERBALS

Totally stimulating as it melts into your skin. We take our famous body butter and infuse herbs and botanicals for the perfect skin therapy. Serious moisturizing and skin spoiling going on! No water added, no harsh chemicals or preservatives. UNcut, raw,...
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