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Hypnotic is the best word you will be able to come up with once trying anything from our Exotic & Forbidden Fruits Collection. We have sourced the globe for the freshest ingredients to make your mouth water at the smell of them. These handmade soaps are delicious and fuse some of the most exotic, rare fruits known to man.

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Soap smells great
Written by Brittney on 16th Nov 2019

I love the soaps. Smells good and has the skin very soft.

Written by Shantyana on 14th Mar 2018

From the Fruity & Exotic category, I have tried : Gooseberry - So nice! Gummi Bear - LOVE LOVE Smoothie - Yummy!

Written by Claire on 27th Feb 2018

I love the smell, the feel...everything about this soap. Thank you so much!

Mangoes & Papayas what more could you need
Written by Kimberly Watson on 18th Oct 2017

I love the scent & luxury of this soap. When you love both fruits why would you not try the soap, lol..

Written by Debbie Turley on 24th Jul 2017

After using sherbert, I walk in to the room and my family says I smell good enough to eat; then they want to go get ice cream! The scents are wonderful and my skin feels oh so good! If you like fruity smells, you will love this group of scents, and people around you will too.

Awesome product!
Written by undefined on 10th Jun 2017

I heard about Bubble Bistro from a beauty site I follow and was curious so I ordered the Mango Papaya soap. Definitely hooked on Bubble Bistro now :)

Good product for my boys
Written by on 7th Jan 2017

My 3 and 7 year old love this scent. My baby says, it smells like you can eat it and I'm have yo keep an eye on him bc he is greedy lol. Overall it's great. I have it in soap and body wash and they love both.

amazing soap
Written by Ike on 29th Oct 2016

Really great smell, consistency, color and all natural ingredients. I love it.

Squeaky Clean
Written by Kee on 17th Oct 2016

I've been using bubble bistro products for a while but I just started using the soap. I've been sleeping on them. The first day I tried the soap I threw all my dove away! I don't want or need anything else. I'm almost sure this soap is removing dead skin cells (major plus), it leaves me moisturized throughout the day, I am squeaky clean by the end of my bath or shower and feening for more by the end of the day ;-) One bar lasts for several weeks. Love it!

Yum yum smells edible
Written by Erika on 23rd Sep 2016

I got Voodoo and Watermelon! I like Voodoo best but both smell amazing. The aroma is a sure treat. My skin feels clean and soft afterwards. Made from scratch and vegan I'm sold!

Written by Jasmine Jones on 6th Jul 2016

I love the soap. It leaves my skin feeling smooth. Also it was a great switch over from the non-vegan products I used in the past. The customer service is great. I received a call ahead if time that let me know my order would arrive later. I also was given samples of the sunshine and gummy bear body oil which smells great.

Great Product
Written by undefined on 10th Jun 2016

I loved the peach soap. It smell really great, and leaves my skin feeling great. Also the price was very reasonable. I highly recommended this product.

Good stuff
Written by Crystal on 14th Jan 2016

Smells yummy, lathers good and your skin feels as soft as the soap feels. I was hesitant the first time I went to the store because my skin doesn't do well when I try new soaps. Surprisingly, I had no reaction to these soaps and they last a good while as well.

Love it!
Written by undefined on 18th Nov 2015

I love the soap and the scent lasts all day!!!

Written by tanyika reynolds on 8th Jul 2015


Written by Kita on 21st Apr 2015

The gooseberry soap was not drying and the scent was amazing!!!!

Nice product
Written by undefined on 23rd May 2013

I had lotion, oil and soap given to me as a gift... Really amazing, can feel the difference on my skin- very much more smooth and soft... Very happy thanks to my girl Butta...

Mango papaya
Written by Krissy on 31st Mar 2013

My cousin turned me on to this spot during my visit to Memphis. I purchased the mango papaya soap, oil and body butter. As soon as I returned home to Florida, the 1st thing I did was hop in the shower so I could use my new purchase. It smells amazing and left my skin so soft and moisturized, but not greasy. I'm on the site now ordering more. I hope it arrives before my current purchase runs out!

Nectarine Bliss / Lemon Love
Written by Nashonda on 6th Mar 2013

I absolutely love the nectarine and lemon love soaps!!! These particular scents will go from spring through summer!!! Get some!!!!