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Perfectly balanced fusions of fresh herbs and botanicals. Experience our mood shifting essential oil blends to fancy your senses

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Written by Happy Customer on 20th Sep 2017

I received a lemongrass soap in a fresh & clean cherry pop box. After going through a few scents, I can honesty say this is the best soap to use on days when I am going to wear a lemon scent like glaze, lemon and love, and loopy. The soap has real lemongrass in it and the scent seems to have a therapeutic quality to it. I also received a sample of the glaze soap, but it does not come close to lemongrass in the lemon scent department. I also know some people who find bubble bistro soaps to be drying, but I don't have that problem. Either it really doesn't dry my skin, or I am not allowing my skin to dry to the point where I would notice. After my showers, I quickly proceed to pat myself down and apply oils and butters.

Best I Ever Had
Written by Jay on 21st Feb 2017

Chile, ya'll been sleeping on this soap. Listen up and umma spill this tea! Best.Bath.Ever. You need to get yo' act rite back? Little stressed out? Got some stuff on yo' mind. Get you some spearmint soap, a therapy bath bomb, run your water as warm as you like and get your entire life...today! Follow up with some melon mojito oil, repeat as necessary.

Written by Denise Jones on 12th Feb 2016

Lemongrass is one of my favorite scents and I have a hard time finding products that actually smell like real lemongrasss and aren't a weird combination of lemongrass and something else...until now. It has the perfect amount of fragrance in it and is bigger than other handmade soap bars. I will definitely be ordering this on a regular basis!