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Can't decide which soap to get? Try a mixed variety of our perfectly paired soaps to indulge with. Choose one of our bundles or select the custom option and create your own combos. Great saver if you need to get multiple gifts.

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Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 24 ratings)
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Written by Shanika on 30th Jul 2019

I am extremely obsessed with the products from the Bubble Bistro. I tried it on a whim after someone recommended it. Having never smelled any of it before purchasing I was extremely impressed by it. The soap was soft and the scent is nice and light - not too heavy. I have made several more purchases since then and will continue to!

Handmade Soaps
Written by Yakita. Brinson on 14th Mar 2019

I love my handmade soaps..... Especially the Platinum..... I am always beyond satisfied with my purchases.

Great soap
Written by Gwen on 2nd Mar 2019

The soaps smell great and leaves your skin feeling great. It feels like you have lotion on because your skins feels so moisturized. I love it.

Soaps I ordered
Written by Cheryl on 7th Oct 2018

I tried the Mixologist Mix because I found fragrance I just love, " Sugar Verbena", I ordered, 3. To round out the order of 5 soaps, I ordered, 1- Pretty Lady and 1- Black Sugar, just to try the fragrances. I am very happy and will continue to order on a regular basis .

I’m in love!!!
Written by Renottaw on 23rd Apr 2018

I love all of them that I received...peaches, passion, goody guava, gummi bear and grapefruit. I will be trying more!

Soapy Heaveb
Written by adriennehonore@yahoo.com on 11th Nov 2017

As usual, I was not disappointed! Not only does it leave you smelling delectable but it moisturizes also, baby #BB4LIFE

These soaps are better than any store bought brands!
Written by undefined on 11th May 2017

I received a gift set from a friend that had a Bubble Bistro soap in it. I used the soap and instantly could tell that it was different from my store bought brands and my skin could feel the difference. I ordered on-line the 5-pack of the Bubble Bistro soap bars which should last me a long time because these soaps not only leave me feeling and smelling fresh and clean but they also last! My order came fast within a few days and I look forward to taking my morning showers!

Love the smell
Written by undefined on 28th Apr 2017

I enjoy the smell of all of the soaps purchased. Some that I originally ordered were unavailable so I had the option of choosing others. I love the way to soap makes my skin feel. They do not irritate my sensitive skin. Makes awesome gifts for different occasions. Overall, I am a satisfied customer and will shop again.

Fresh and clean and gentle to the skin
Written by Alisha on 9th Mar 2017

I love the soaps! They are natural and never irritate the skin.

Written by Lydia on 13th Oct 2016

I let the Mixtress pick my 5 and I was not disappointed. I love that I can just let her surprise me and I am never disappointed. I received Voodoo and Lemon Pound Cake soaps and they are both moisture packed and clean really well!

The Best Soap
Written by Sheryl Addison on 12th Oct 2016

I'm new to Bubble Bistro and I have fallen in love! You never get bored with the many different options of wonderful scents to choose from. My first bar lasted about 33 days and that's using it everyday. Awesome lather and yummy scents! #love

Best soap ever!
Written by undefined on 20th Jun 2016


Best soap ever!
Written by undefined on 20th Jun 2016


BB is the BEST!
Written by Cathy in Chicago on 28th Oct 2015

I ordered Pick 5 Soaps:Ginger Peach, Blush, Guava,Lemon Love, Island Sangria. The cold weather is really hard on your skin in Chicago but when you are a Bubble Bistro Brat you have no worries. Thanks again Andrea #myskinishappy

the bomb
Written by ontanya on 12th Sep 2015

When I say customer for life. So I finally received my new order the the magic soaps freaking give you life, Gummi bear smells like the damn candy and my sun loved his king soap bar,now he can stay out of my stuff. I luv every thing about bubblebistro, the customer service and products . Oh and I purchased cocky frost for my sun I just kept opening it smelling it smh. Andrea you did that.

I'm in love
Written by NeNe9730 on 15th Jul 2015

OMG! I have been loving the soaps and I cant get enough! I have the Fruity & Exotic and Sassy & Sexy and I love them both. I especially love that these soaps do not irritate my precious jewel. I will continue you make. I have also purchased some body frosting and that jolly rancher is my favorite so far.

Great for My Gentleman
Written by Kim on 6th Jul 2015

I purchased the pick 5 to go along with my Perfect Thing Father's Day gifts. My husband uses the soaps, so I figured my dad and father in law would enjoy them as well. Andrea threw me a curve ball. I'd never smelled Cocky & Ocean. Needless to say, neither left our house after we smelled them! Cocky Mystique Ocean Shades Midnight

Can' never get enough!!
Written by Elizabeth W. on 3rd Apr 2015

Love, love, love Bubble Bistro!!! Since purchasing from them, I refuse to buy or use store bought soap. The best... Can never get enough...

Best natural products ever
Written by melissa dotson on 22nd Mar 2015

i recently ordered the 5 soaps for $20, the soaps smell amazing and the bars were huge worth every penny! Will be purchasing again really soon

smells good
Written by Tracey P Hudson 637 on 14th Jan 2015

It was a good cleansing soap. Wish it was more moisturizing .

Second Haul
Written by Charrisse Johnson on 20th Dec 2014

This is my second haul and I'm more in love with this soap than before. I love the variety of scents I ordered and I can't wait to order more. These products are top notch. Thank Bubble Bistro for my new found love. :)

Don't hesitate to order
Written by Charrisse on 1st Nov 2014

My first time ordering and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed. Smells amazing, lathers well, and scent light up the room. I've found a new love. Will not purchase commercial soaps again.

The only soaps I use
Written by undefined on 20th Dec 2013

They are fragrant, gentle, moisturizing, and they last. The scents are amazing and fill up the room.

Definitely ordering more
Written by kdspaul on 21st Aug 2013

All top notch stuff, I'll definitely be coming back for more.