Skin Vacuum Detox Face & Body Bar

Weight 5.00 Ounces
Height 3.50 (in)
Width 3.50 (in)
Depth 1.00 (in)
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Our trademark signature Facial Bar! We would claim it is the cure to acne, but don’t want to hassle with the FDA right now, so we’ll let you be your own judge. Full of everything to draw out, dry up, purify, and DEEP CLEANSE, or you could just think of it as a lathering vacuum! After everything is pulled out, its rich in natural moisturizers to not dry out your natural oils. It’s mineral rich with AUTHENTIC Dead Sea Mud, purifying with Activated Charcoal, and cleansing with anti-bacterial tea tree, and we’ll leave out the rest of the magic ingredients to ward off the wanna-be’s and copycats. Used twice a day, you’ll be new! 


Fellas: Great for ingrown hairs, wide pores, toning, perfect slip for shaving, and acne break outs! 

Product Reviews

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Skin Vacuum/Detox
Written by Kei on 18th Mar 2023

I use this soap 2-3 times a week for high acne areas or breakouts! Clears my skin quickly

Love this detox soap!
Written by Tashana Williams on 30th Dec 2022

I love to use this detox soap daily on my underarms and anywhere blackheads may be.

It seems to be doing the job
Written by Erica Williams on 10th May 2021

I have used this soap with the other two soaps and my face is clearing up. I do have sensitive skin, so I can't leave the facial soap on my face too long.

Written by Tavenia on 10th Feb 2021

The detox soap is wonderful. I've noticed an improvement of acne scarring with a week!

Detox Body Bar
Written by Ashley on 4th Jan 2021

This was my first purchase of this soap, I really did like it, because it was gentle yet relaxing without being rough or harsh for my skin. I will purchase it again in the future.

Written by Jameka Phillips on 14th Jul 2020

This is really clearing up my current skin issues on my neck and shoulders. Not sure what we happening; but after 3 days of using it - I already see improvements!!

Great for my face!
Written by Samantha on 12th Jul 2020

I am absolutely loving this 'Skin Vacuum Detox' bar for my face. Leaves my face feeling super clean, but not tight or dry. Works like a charm on my pores and occasional acne. Highly recommend.

Product review(Skin Vacuum Bar)
Written by Derrick C. Williams on 14th Jun 2020

The product is astounding. I'm often told that I don't look my age(53 as of May 2020). And I credit that to supplementation, lots of water, and exercise. But this "skin vacuum" really draws out impurities leaving your skin glowing and young looking. Shout out to Iseashia Thomas.

For everywhere
Written by Tori on 14th Jan 2020

I shower with this soap..I mean why not :-)

The Best Soap Ever
Written by Olivia on 19th Mar 2019

This soap does wonders for my entire body. As long as she makes it I will use it.

Written by Willette on 9th Nov 2018

I can't choose between this or the lemon facial bar. Both of them are excellent products for the skin. They clear dark spots, help with acne and leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and not dry at all. I would highly recommend.

Best EVER!!
Written by Turley on 10th Sep 2018

This is the only bar that my 16 year old son will use! He swears by it! Try it and your skin will be very happy.

Written by Claire on 27th Feb 2018

LOVE this bar! My skin feels clean all day, without getting dried out. I even convinced my boyfriend to try it. From now on, the only thing I will use on my face. Thank you, Bubble Bistro!

Detox soap
Written by Unknown on 1st Feb 2018

I bought this soap for me and son face and we both can see a difference in our skin. I didn't think it would work but after reading other reviews im glad we tried it.

The Answer to All Your Skincare Needs!
Written by undefined on 21st Aug 2017

I absolutely love this soap. It's essential for cleaning deep in your pores and evening your skin tone. Everyone always ask what do I use and I always recommend this bar. Even my husband swears by it!

Written by Ken on 10th Aug 2017

I wanted to wait a few days to give an honest review, and I'll I can say is... GET YOU SOME!!!!! Thanks!!!!

My Husband Loves This Bar!
Written by Meagan on 25th Feb 2017

I only bought one bar to try. My husband and I both used the bar in the shower. The next day the bar was on his side of the sink!! He has used it religiously since. His skin looks better every day! This bar is prefect for the black man with issues with shaving. It keeps the pores open and clean, completely abolishes the acne and is the perfect addiction to his skin regimen and he looks great! I just need another bar for myself!!

Written by April Suttles on 10th Feb 2017

LISTEN...Apparently I have been sleeping on this detox bar because when I did try to get a few bars during a promo my shopping cart said AIN'T NO MO when I went to checkout. I finally got my hands on ONE bar and immediately felt a difference in my skin. It didn't dry my skin out and it left my face feeling so smooth. I will be purchasing this product again!

love it!
Written by undefined on 21st Dec 2016

Best skin food for your face!

Face Clear for Years
Written by Bethany Fields on 5th Dec 2016

Seriously, I developed acne as an adult (29ish).. I had tried everything under the sun. FINALLY, gave this bar a try after much skepticism, and waaalaahh.. I have not had ANY cystic acne breakouts since I started using it, almost 4 years ago. I am still amazed... Get it! You will NOT be disappointed. Signed, *The person with the most sensitive skin in the world*

Customer for life!
Written by Cassie on 17th Sep 2016

This bar is simply amazing! I felt a pimple coming on, I used the bar three times and when I rubbed my hand over where I felt the pimple previously it was not there...I kid you not! You feel a difference as soon as you use it. It doesn't dry your skin out either. I love it! But I also love the BB soaps so I typically use this first when in the shower to alleviate all the dirt and grime and then use a good smelling BB soaps to top it off. It's only been a week since my first order but my skin is thankful!!!! My son started using the bar today so hopefully his teenage skin can be rid of blacks spots and acne so he can preserve his sexy! Lol

Beats any Facial Bar or Soap Hands Down.
Written by Sarah Green on 12th Sep 2016

I have had acne since my teens. So my experience with facial soaps and bars is over a few decades. Before I used this face bar, I was using a name brand facial soap that I've been using for over five years. When I got the bar, I cut it into four pieces so that I wouldn't go through it quick. I've used this bar for three days, and when I tell you that it is the best facial soap that I've ever used on my face...Babey. I slid my regular facial soap to the This facial bar is exfoliating without over drying my oily sensitive skin. I love this bar and I plan on buying another one once I'm done with this one. I can also see some of my hyperpigmentation starting to lighten up. I'm so happy I bought this. The price is great! I have paid so much money over the year and I'm glad I finally found this.

My New Favorite Thing!
Written by undefined on 27th May 2016

Very Clean and Very Fresh Feel!

Written by Jen on 9th Mar 2016

This soap have me coming out the shower feeling smooth and soft and it lathers up great! I have very sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate my face or body at all, I love it- I will be ordering more bars.

Written by MissAng1072 on 19th Jan 2016

This detox bar is awesome!Once use and I could tell the difference. I used it on my face and body and at the time I had a bit of a break out.This soap helped my break out and was almost totally clear with in a few days! Wonderful lather too!

Activated Charcoal is life!
Written by Crystal on 14th Jan 2016

Gets rid of new breakouts in a day! Leaves skin feeling clean and smooth!

Loving the Skin I'm In
Written by JM on 28th Dec 2015

This soap has been great for my skin in current climate, which has forgotten about Winter. All the yucky muck from heat and workouts is sucked away, leaving a beautiful canvas of healthy skin behind. Never going back to big box brands. Thanks!

Dextox Soap
Written by Cynthia Smith on 25th Nov 2015

I like the way it makes my face feels. The sox is not drying to the skin.

LOVE !!!!
Written by JUNE on 13th Nov 2015

I purchased this Skin Vacuum Detox Face & Body Bar about a week ago. I live in Atlanta GA. My skin has been breaking out for about a year from the hard water. I been using for about 3 days- Love it !!! the break out cleared up with in a day . Yayy!!!! - as I continue to use the product I will update my review ...... Thanks a mill BUBBLE BISTRO

Love this product
Written by Audrice on 17th Sep 2015

I have very sensitive skin as well as Excema. I have an extremely difficult time finding skin care products that don't burn my skin or cause a flare up of my excema. I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and have no problems! I'm so happy to find something that finally works for my problem skin. I'm seeing a major difference already.

I have thrown away all of my facial products.
Written by Leslie Mathews on 21st Apr 2015

I love this bar, it provides deep cleaning without all of the harsh chemicals and impurities. I gave this bar to my mother in law as a gift and she loves it.

Written by undefined on 18th Mar 2015

After using this soap for 3 days I realized I didn't even need a moisturizer. My skin is smooth, soft with no breakouts!

This soap is divine!!!
Written by reese on 25th Feb 2015

I'm a 40 yr old woman and I still have skin problems. I just order this soap and it working. I love it so far....:)

clean and clear
Written by undefined on 16th Dec 2014

I appreciate that this soap is 1)not messy 2)not drying 3)not abrasive. It has a nice foaming consistency and easy to wash off. It's not greasy or oily and leaves good clean feeling, no residue.

Skin Vaccum Detox!!!!
Written by undefined on 21st Jul 2014

This is a great product! The bar has already started clearing up my acne and fading some of my blemishes and I have just used a week so far! I'm excited to see my skin will look like in a few weeks!

Written by Jernita on 7th Sep 2013

My skin feels amazing after every use, clean doesn't even begin to describe it. A little goes a long ways and the lather is amazing. This soap makes washing your face feel like a mini spa experience! I've recommended it to everyone that I know.

Written by crystal fifer on 3rd Apr 2013

I love it. Ive been using it for about 2 weeks now. My face is clear. I been working out and the acne flares up from sweat. I should add that the blemishes from pimples take a year to fade away. I had no idea what to do about it. Bubble bistro was recommended and i bought the bar of soap. It works great. The only reason i gave it a four is because it makes my skin dry. I just use a moisturizer for that. My face hasnt been this clear in months.

Written by A. Randle on 27th Aug 2011

I bought this for my husband a few months ago and he is still using it. We bought it for his razor bumps and to clear up his face, it did exactly what it said. His face is amazingly free of bumps and soft, I am still in shock with the results and find myself rubbing his face often.

Written by A. McGhee on 18th Jun 2011

I'll be the first to skin has been a headache and a heartache for me for as long as I can remember. I often have chronic breakouts which also leave behind unsightly blemishes. I've used everything from prescription medications and creams to clearasil, neutrogena, and even pro-active--with mimimal results at best, and if any relief was noted at all it was only temporary. I tried the Detox Bar thinking...what can it hurt. I can only say, "WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?" For the first time since my pre-teen years my face is clear, smooth, and I haven't had a break-out since I began using it. In less than two weeks of using the Detox Bar people began to ask "what have you been doing...your face looks great." This is a DEFINITE MUST HAVE. P.S. Totally cleared out my medicine cabinet of cleansers, creams, and astrigents...i have three empty shelves that I'll kindly be stocking with SKIN VACUUMS!

Written by undefined on 7th Dec 2010

This stuff is the bomb. I recommend this to anyone who has oily skin like myself. This stuff is a miracle! I love it! I love it!

It works!
Written by undefined on 11th Oct 2010

This stuff really does work! If you have any kind of acne on your face...this is it. Your skin will be silky smooth after the first application. I even have my teenage son using it and he loves it too.

Written by Syria on 11th Jun 2010

I USED to have acne and breakout skin. I've tried Proactive and everything else on the shelf until my dermatologist explained it was the chemicals themselves triggering my acne. Gave this a try and ACNE GONE! BREAKOUTS GONE! The even better part is it left my face smooth and soft and not dry! And what a cost savings over all the money I have wasted.