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Got a case of the ickies? Feeling a little or All OFF balance? Just need to regulate your body back to normal, then these are the options for you! We bring in the purest and highest quality salts from all over the world and infuse them with specialty ingredients, herbal blends, essential oils, and clays. Our salts are packed with detoxifying elements, pure teas, fine herbs and honey, all to give you the bath of a life time.


Herbal Detox: clays and pure green teas, coupled with the POWER of authentic Dead Sea Salts you will sure to quickly come back to yourself. A proprietary therapeutic oil blend is blended in to lift your spirits as well.

Healing Oatmeal: the most moisturizing of our soaks. Blends of fine oats, coconut milks, exotic honey, and 2 salt blends. Ezcema Solution

Spearmint: say goodbye to soar muscles, headaches, tension, or late night stress. This invigorating therapy blend never disappoints

Therapy: the "Magic" of Salt Soaks. A perfected blend of all of our salt fusions blended together.

Lavender: highest quality lavender essential oil fused with the purest salt to lullaby you to a restful night

Pamper Me: a hypnotic blend of roses, sandalwoods, jasmine and the purest himalayan salt on earth

Tranquil: the relaxing aloe vera infused salt therapy. a therapeutic blend of eucalyptus and lavenders


Product Reviews

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Salts of Life
Written by Jay on 3rd Nov 2021

This salt tho’! I’m pretty sure you’ve read the description of the various salt blends while making decisions about your muscle aches, long weeks, pop backs, ack rights, sniffles, and sneezes. I’m here to tell you to place the order… pick one or all of them. I’m not promising it’ll take you a way like the jingle from the Calgon era; however, I am saying that your whole being will thank you for this salt therapy. Bonus points if you light a candle and let your mind drift while soaking.

Salt Therapy
Written by Cydneysmom on 13th Jan 2021

Bless your body with this life giving Salt Therapy. It will relax, restore and remove the stress from your day. So glad BB makes this available!

Herbal detox
Written by Jewel Warner on 3rd Jan 2021

I have used this product faithfully for several years now. Began after chemo treatment and have used it ever since. Very relaxing and beneficial.

Very high quality products for a low price!
Written by Lakesha Shanell Franklin on 29th Dec 2020

I purchased the peach body butter the product leaves my skin soft and moist without a greasy appearance. The smell of peach lingers through out the day. The detox skin soap does not dry out my skin and it’s like a skin purification. Finally the detox salt therapy pulls so much impurities from my skin I falls into a deep sleep shortly afterwards! I’m awaiting for a restock on the soap!

Bath Salts
Written by Bridgette Galloway on 24th Oct 2020

Absolutely love my salts and will continue to order my smell goods all the way from Houston!!! I ordered 4 this time to last me ( well hope so lol). All of them smell Devine, and makes my skin feel so soft. Thank you for continuing to put out awesome products! Healing Oatmeal Pamper Me Spearmint Tranquil

Sensational Salt Therapy
Written by Tiffany McGee on 7th Jul 2020

I grew up in Selmer, TN and had NO CLUE this company existed! When I tell you, this salt therapy matched well with the needs of my brown skin!! My skin was left soft, moisturized and it smells heavenly! This will forever be my bubble bath company! Thankful to the Juneteenth sale and choosing you to purchase from!! I'm already bragged on social media about you!

Written by Ladena on 27th Jun 2020


Written by Tasha on 28th May 2020

I love my salt therapy. I will definitely refer my friends and family.

Pamper Me Bath Salt
Written by Shaquira on 17th May 2020

10/10 would recommend my fave bath salt and amazingly therapeutic as is most of Bubble Bistro’s products depending on your preferable scent profile. Truly a home run. Awesome for sensitive skinnies.

Bath Salts
Written by LaKeisha on 9th May 2020

Love the relaxation from the therapy bath salts. I have to use more than the 1-2 tablespoons to get the desired effect, but overall great product.

Written by Ashley Evans on 29th Dec 2019

Love Bubble Bistro and their customer service, helpfulness, and they are always willing to assist consumers.

Written by Afua Bampo-Akuffo on 24th Sep 2019

It is so relaxing after a long 12hour shift to be able to use the bath salt. I also love the fresh scent

Salt Therapy
Written by Sabrina on 4th Jan 2019

This is one of my favorite thing to buy on each visit to The Bubble Bistro!

Pamper Me Bath Salts
Written by Ericka Wallace on 1st Jan 2019

I absolutely adore this product. Using the bath salts in a hot bath is so invigorating-the smell is so fragrant and enchanting! My skin feels super soft when I get out the tub! I’ve also brought other bath salts and all smell heavenly and leave your skin and body feel great! Totally recommend this product!

Written by Kim on 13th Nov 2018

Tranquil it is. The scent is lovely it even softens the water & gives it a nice little blue hue. I hope you guys bring back Therapy as well.

Pamper Me Please!!!!!
Written by Angie Russell on 3rd Jan 2018

This "Pamper Me" salt is the only pure & non-medicated cure for menstrual discomfort. Using just 1 scoop in your bath is more than enough. Within 1 hour of bathing in this luxe salt, I experienced less bloating, back pain, & cramps. NO MORE MIDOL!!!!

Written by Ericka Wallace on 2nd Jan 2018

OMG! Amazing!!!! The bath salts are EVERYTHING! This product not only relaxes sore muscles but leaves your skin smooth, soft and fragrant! One of my favorite products!!!!! Do yourself a favor and get you a bag and indulge!!!! My ultimate favorite is pamper me...just amazing!!!

Heals Cuts
Written by Angie Russell on 30th Jul 2017

The lemon uplift bath salt is the perfect cure for small cuts and wounds! I recently cut my finger and didn't have any alcohol, ointment, or peroxide on hand. So I just quickly washed the cut with bubble bistro soap & cold water. Then I ran my bath, put two scoops of the lemon uplift salt in the water & took my daily bath. After bathing, I noticed the cut had closed up and wasn't painful anymore! This bath salt will surely work for kids that may be accident prone to frequent skin scrapes/abrasions!

the best!
Written by Marcia on 22nd Jun 2017

Since I've been introduced to the bubble bistro brand, I've fallen in love with all the products they have to offer. I'm an otr driver and my shower and sometimes baths are sacared to me. With the bath salts and bath booms they have my skin feeling soft and smelling sweet!

I want them ALL
Written by A.Hibbler on 21st Feb 2017

Never been a big fan of bath salts...til I tried the bubble bistro. They help me relax and go to I want the ALL in my stash!!!

Pleased as punch!
Written by JM on 28th Dec 2015

Having received mini salt soak samples in the Cherry Pop Box, I thought I knew what was in store. This was better than I anticipated. This was amaze balls! Do yourself a favor and buy the full size product; you're welcome. My bath was teeming with delicate mini rose petals, mini rose buds, and delightful scents. So glad I tried it.

I need to invest in this company's stock!
Written by Tanya10312000 on 25th Jun 2015

I have yet to try a product from The Bubble Bistro that I didn't like. I received a sample of this in my Cherry Pop box and I wish I had more. The fragrance is a combination of rose petal and two other scents I have smelled before but for some reason I can't place - I will say that it triggers childhood memories from summers in Virginia with my paternal grandparents. I love this product! The fragrance is so relaxing and soothing and the pains in my left knee were gone by the time I got out of the bath tub! I will be purchasing the full size! I want to try the tranquil and the healing oatmeal!

Great Product
Written by Yvonne on 10th Oct 2014

I like the bath salt.

My favorite of the Bath Salts!
Written by undefined on 20th Dec 2013

It feels incredible. A little goes a long way

Written by Angie Russell on 2nd Dec 2012

This body detox salt is beyond words. As soon as you relax in the tub, it instantly calms you. When you finish bathing (I use cocktail soap w/the detox salt), expect to feel super clean & like the worries of the world do not exsist! You will get the best sleep you have had in years after one bath of this detox salt!....GUARANTEED!

Written by undefined on 23rd Nov 2012

One of the best products to make a person feellime the world has been lifted off the shoulders. Refreshing, clean, and ready to go tackly the world. Melts away the yuckies.

Get rid of the toxins
Written by undefined on 20th Nov 2012

We put so much into our bodies whether it is from the food we eat, the air we breathe, or even the things you put on your skin (unless it is from The Bubble Bistro) that we need to release those toxins some how and this is the best way to do it. Forget Epson Salt and rubbing alcohol, this Body Detox will release all aches and soreness from your body. After a good soak, you will feel like a new person.

Detox Does A Body Good
Written by undefined on 16th Nov 2012

This is by far one of the best products! If your feeling... SICK, BODY ACHES & PAINS, this is the product for you. Sometimes the body just needs a DETOX!

Does wonders
Written by undefined on 16th Nov 2012

Herbal Detox is a life saver! I suffer from health problems that cause me a lot of pain, and HD helps ease it away and my skin comes out smooth and soft while smelling great! Even if you have just worked out too hard or too much at the office, Herbal Detox works it's magic!

Written by undefined on 13th Jun 2010

I suffer from tightness in my legs and lower back pain. A bath in this stuff really relieves the pain and tension. I have added a little bit to my bath water nightly and it has made a tremendous difference. My circulation is improving

Written by Nyteria T. Parrish on 2nd Jun 2010

Hello to all. I am a new client to Bubble Bistro and I've been dealing with, for two months now, swelling of my lower extremities. I have yet to get an exact diagnoses. His theory is incompetent veins. My toes, ankles, feet, legs and up to my knees gets completely swollen to where i cant fit my socks and especially not my shoes. My medicine wasnt giving me the relief I needed so i decided to put my swollen limbs in the tub with the detox. I sat there for an hour and completely relaxed. I immediately felt a difference. The tightness was gone with minimal swelling. I tried it just to see if I would be able to put on a pair of socks and to my amazement, I WAS!!! SO I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE BATH DETOX TO ANY AND EVERYONE. I WILL EVEN TAKE IT TO MY NEXT DR APPT AND RECOMMEND IT TO THEM TO RECOMMEND IT TO THE OTHER PATIENTS....LETS GET THIS WORD OUT PEOPLE ABOUT BUBBLE BISTRO! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!