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The Mother of All Body Scrubs! Our delicious, juicy Body Slushies are a full load of skin heaven! Pure Cane Sugars, Organic Sugars, Raw Uncut Salts, Rich Trade Butters & Exotic Oil Fusions to moisturize and the list goes on! Jump on In to a New You after this experience, If you've never experienced it, shame on you, your skin deserves it.

Product Reviews

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Natural Body Slushie White Tea
Written by Katrina E Thompson on 30th Sep 2019

I just love this product. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling so good!

Body Slushie
Written by Shamika on 15th Aug 2019

The gummibear body slushie is a must have!

Love at first smell
Written by Dee on 30th Jul 2019

This scrub is the!!! It leaves your body so soft and moisturized there’s no need to lotion up after my shower. Mango Papaya is my go to for sure. The plus is the smell lasts and lasts I can’t get enough of this stuff

This is what a body slushie should be!!
Written by stefanie brown on 6th Mar 2019

Oh my god. So I bought this a little before the holidays. I bought the mango papaya one. First off it smells amazing and second it keeps your skin moisturize. I live in Minnesota and its cold as hell here, this body slushie kept my skin smooth and smelling great. I will be getting more.

Written by Shanty on 16th Apr 2018

This stuff makes your skin so soft and moisturized. It does make the tub slipper though, so be careful!

Written by Mo Stewart on 25th Mar 2018

I am enjoying this.

Honey Love
Written by Crystal Robinson on 20th Mar 2018

Honey, when I tell you this slushie leaves you as soft as a baby!

The stuff right hur
Written by Terri A on 28th Dec 2017

So I've been a lover of sugar scrubs for years and I've tried many brands but when I tried #bubblebistro body slushies I was a fan for life. It leaves my skin smooth. And it's a great pre shave and post shave product. It smells divine it may want you to take a little taste of it. Hey it's all natural right? You need to run not walk and cop you some of this...

In Love!
Written by Happy Customer on 23rd Oct 2017

I looooooooove these body scrubs! My sensitive skin appreciates them so much. The sugar granules are small, and I know that it has no salt because my skin is not on fire after using them. Be careful when getting out of the tub, because it will be very slippery. I personally use a lot of oil during the first couple of uses, so that the scrub won't be that oily as I get towards the middle of the jar. I always clean my tub with paper towels so that no one will slip after. You do not have to worry about moisturizing after your shower, but these do make a great base scent for those of you who like to layer scents. As a side note, I suffer from ichtyosis vulgaris on my lower legs, so I scrub multiple times a week because my skin is slow in shedding dead skin cells.

My Body Slushie is Off the Chain!
Written by undefined on 24th Sep 2017

This product is AMAZING! !! and I love the Honey love fragrance

Love, love, love this product!!!
Written by Vikki on 10th Sep 2017

This product is amazing! My skin is so soft and smells great! My honey buns always asks what is that you have on?!?! Love the Oatmeal Honey.

white tea
Written by Regina lynch on 9th Aug 2017

I was given some a while ago. I love it

Great product
Written by LeChaka Jones on 27th Mar 2017

ASIA smells wonderful and leaves the skin soft and smooth

Body Treat
Written by undefined on 22nd Feb 2017

This is amazing before bed. It's like an overnight treatment for the body. The scrub removes dead skin well and the excess oil locks in moisture while I'm in the shower.

Skin Feels So Good!!
Written by A. Hibbler on 4th Feb 2017

This is one of my many favorites! My skin feels so good after my bath or shower. When I saw how moisturized my skin was hours and even the next day...I was sold! I will never use another product again.

Best Ever!!!!!
Written by Cineca Anthony on 14th Jan 2017

I have tried plenty of scrubs from good old fashion commercial stores down to small business vegetarian/vegan stores. This is the best scrub ever!!!! What won me over is the ratio of sugar crystals to oils and whatever else is in there. Most companies either put way too much sugar and it feels harsh to the skin or a tiny bit of sugar which leaves hardly any exfoliation. This is the only scrub I will ever use. Thank you Bubble Bistro for getting it right. Everyone please get you will never understand until you try it.

Written by Shakira Luckett on 13th Jan 2017

I smell delicious!!!! The scent was fantastic, i love fruity scents!!! My boyfriend said i smell like fruity pebbles, lol!!! My skin feels great after my shower, you can see and fell.the moisture!!! I will be visiting Memphis and im coming to the store,pronto!!!!!

Written by Bridgette Galloway (Partee) on 22nd Dec 2016

I am in love with everything Oatmeal Honey and Coconut Milk so anything that is in stock with those scents I have to get. Ive always done the oils but got the slushies this time along with heaven...amazing fragrance..amazing softness... just AMAZING...

Get you some! Slushie love!!!
Written by undefined on 18th Dec 2016

Love this product and I am so happy with my purchase! This scrub leaves my skin so soft ! I am hooked and will definitely be buying more.

In Love
Written by Kee on 17th Oct 2016

I use the body slushie once a week. It is amazing for exfoliating and moisturizing! I am in love! I also use it on my clients for pedicures and they absolutely love it as well. I highly recommend this product.

Almost Don't Need Lotion
Written by Lucy Marshall on 11th Oct 2016

I said ALMOST. I'm too dark for that, though. I MUST use body butter. But this slushie is hands down the best scrub, EVER. Water just beads off of you and makes you do a double take. Just stand in the shower frowned up. And you can tell when you don't use it! It confuses the people when you use it before your pedicure. Takes $15 off I'm sure. Ha!

Written by Tiffany Hargrove on 23rd Apr 2016

This body scrub is amazing. I loved it the first time I used it. The scent was amazing and lingered well after my shower. I'll be buying more scents soon enough. I have watermelon but I want them all now....

Written by Tiffany Hargrove on 23rd Apr 2016

This body scrub is amazing. I loved it the first time I used it. The scent was amazing and lingered well after my shower. I'll be buying more scents soon enough. I have watermelon but I want them all now....

Love, Love, Love
Written by Davette on 24th Mar 2016

I saw a review on the body slushie, and had to try it myself.... OMG I have never had a body scrub do so many good things to my body ( exfoliate, moisturize, and smell delectable. I am definitely ordering more, I making a list. My review is: Body Slushie is the, .edu, .net

love it
Written by Shalanda on 7th Mar 2016

I order the loopy and wonderland and they both smell wonderful and it left my skin feeling very good and soft

Skin so soft!
Written by Rasheedat on 2nd Mar 2016

This body scrub was amazing! Left my skin feeling extremely soft! I didn't even have to moisturizer afterwards! I was not a fan of the scent (Chardonnay). Other than that I really loved it and can't wait to order this again in pineapple, island sangria and mango papaya!!

Smells so delicious
Written by Amber on 24th Feb 2016

I ordered the mango papaya scent. It smells sooooooo good. Reminds me of tropical skittles or starburst and my skin felt like silk after using it. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Written by Crystal Ellis on 17th Feb 2016

The Lush scent smells like tropical punch Kool Aid! The scrub is awesome and leaves my skin soft, smooth and smelling good!

Must Have
Written by Cherisa on 4th Feb 2016

As soon as I got my package I jumped right it. Mehn oh mehn the body slushie is the truth. I used it and my skin has never felt so moisturized. I ordered in Chardonnay and fig and love and I am in love with both scents. I'll be ordering more soon.

Get you some!!!
Written by NeNe9730 on 27th Jan 2016

Omg! Have I been living under a rock? I am so happy that I have discovered these body scrubs. One word "MAGNIFICIENT" Get you some, you will not be disappointed!! I am in love with every scent and every scent lingers all day. My dude cant keep his hands off of it! I will continue to be a customer and customer service is awesome!! Keep up the good work!!

Best Body Scrub !
Written by MissAng1072 on 19th Jan 2016

This is the best body scrub I have ever used. I noticed the difference in my skin after one use! Definitley my #1 scrub choice!

best shower ever!!!
Written by Alyson on 18th Jan 2016

This clean scent gave me the best shower experience ever. Just when I thought a BB product couldn't get any better, I try a new scent and I am hooked! If I lived in Memphis, I would be in trouble.

This is the TRUTH
Written by Tasha on 13th Jan 2016

OMG Andrea Johnson is the best hands down omg i tried this lemon pound cake suga scrub for the first time last weekend and needless to say i almost tried to bite my own dang arm off. i am never disappointed when i leave this place.

Best body scrub I've ever tried!
Written by Shahidah on 6th Jan 2016

These body slushies do not disappoint. My skin was so soft and moisturized no need to add oil unless you want to. I've tried Lush, Watermelon, and Pretty Lady. They all smell AMAZING!

Written by Amoda on 13th Dec 2015

Slushies are one of my favorites! I be late for work after using it! Slushies are the bomb!

Body Slushies
Written by Cynthia Smith on 25th Nov 2015

The body slushies are the best.

excellent scrub!
Written by Nya on 19th Sep 2015

I have tried a lot of scrubs from various brands and even made my own. Making my own used to be my favorite. This is by far my favorite now. You will smell amazing! For hours! I didn't need a moisturizer afterward and best of all, I didn't slip slide all over my tub when using this. That alone is amazing! Wish it came with a scoop but it is still worth every penny. I love it!

Everything they said it was!!!!!!
Written by Amalya on 18th Sep 2015

I saw a review on YouTube and she raved about the scrub so I decided to try it and I'm soo glad I did. I am making another purchase today! Did not disappoint :)

Written by Audrice on 17th Sep 2015

I purchased this in Berry Bomb and let me just say, this is the bomb! I did not need additional moisturizer after using this product. My skin was silky smooth and the scent is amazing!

Excellent for feet,miners, elbows and dry skin areas!
Written by Tanya10312000 on YouTube on 25th Jun 2015

I promise I am going to do a video review as soon as I get some time off from work! I am in absolute love with the grapefruit fragrence - almost as much as I love fruit punch! I use this product whenever I need it - whether it be for my feet in combination with my pumice or just alone to mildly exfoliate and moisturize the skin on my upper arm that is sometimes scaley due to my eczema patch. I love this stuff. I only have one minor complaint - I wish the body slushie and shower gel labels were water proof. You can no longer read/see my labels on this and my fruit punch shower gel.

Best Smelling Slushie period
Written by undefined on 31st May 2015

This is a container of deliciousness! The consistency was good, it worked as described, and the smell is indescribably amazing! It's the tag line says, "Get you some!!!!"

I'm in Love
Written by Tricia Weathrby on 10th May 2015

The new Slushies are amazing. After I bathe I don't have to use anything on my body. It keeps my body super soft but not greasy. The scents are amazing.

Written by April S. on 5th May 2015

My skin is terribly dry during the winter months so the body slushie was right on time! This product left my skin feeling extra soft and smelling sweet with no need for additional moisturizers afterwards. That Lemon Pound Cake? No words.

Highly addicting
Written by Scheria on 3rd May 2015

This is my favorite product from this brand. Why? Because it can stand alone all by itself. One scoop of this goodness and you will know why. The smell is amazing. The goodness literally melts into your skin with little to no fall out onto to the tub area leaving ssilky soft, smooth good smelling skin. No need for oils, butters or frosting after using this. You will be walking around like a highly moisturized tropical island wonder.

Oh my God, I went to heaven!
Written by Leslie Mathews on 21st Apr 2015

This is the best product ever, my skin has never felt so soft. It is a luxurious scrub with just the right amount of oil and fragrance for my very dry skin. I will definitely purchase this product again.

smooth softness
Written by Tracey P. Hudson on 14th Jan 2015

Leaves my skin extra soft and has an amazing smell

Best there is
Written by T Jones Ingram on 29th Dec 2014

The sea salt scrubs are the best there is out of the various OTC products I have ever tried. They have just the right amount of oil so that your skin is soft and supple after using. Not only that, the scents are breathtaking. My fav is mango papaya

Written by Shawana on 1st Dec 2014

This is the best body scrub ever!!! .u hear me. This scrub right here definitelys gently exfoliates and moisturize the skin.when u step out of the shower your skin will feel baby soft. The scents thats available smells so good. Definitely a winner!!!

Written by Toni on 28th Feb 2014

I love this stuff. Have taken a bath every night since it came just so I can use it!! It smells so yummy, you will want to eat it!!! My legs feel so soft!!!

Love Love Love It!!
Written by undefined on 27th Jan 2011

Best scrub - love how it makes my body feel and the smell lets you escape to a tropical island if only while your in the shower. Will be back to purchase more. Got my scrub in a One Night Stand gift box from a friend but will definitely be purchasing the full size soon.

Best Stuff I EVER put on my body
Written by Mia on 11th Jun 2010

Im a scrub enthusiast and thought I would give this a try! I am now a slave to this! Whole chunks of Mango Butter inside, you can't get that anywhere at the stores. Its so fruity, like a tropical escape somewhere. Awesome Product!