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Heavenly Hair!
Written by Lakeisha Edwards on 7th Sep 2020

Many natural hair care products smell like you have been camping in the woods. Lots of earthy tones and natural herbs. If that’s your thing, so be it but if you want your hair to smell like it grew from the grounds of heaven....THIS IS IT! My go to scent is watermelon but I recently stepped outside of my comfort zone and ordered the honey love. Best. Decision. Ever. #trythis

Scalp Serum
Written by Erica D. on 22nd Aug 2020

I absolutely love this! Pretty Lady is my go to scent and it works wonders on my hair.

Scalp serum
Written by Tracy Huff on 23rd May 2020

I absolutely love this product! The smell and the texture feel amazing on my scalp!

Scalp Serum
Written by Erica D on 26th Apr 2020

I am absolutely in love with this serum! And the smell is lovely. I will be ordering more of the Pretty Lady scent. My hair and scalp love the oils.

Love this stuff!
Written by Chenise Anthony on 1st Jan 2020

This oil is so great for your hair. It smells so wonderful and keeps your hair moisturized and strong. I have ordered this in White Tea, Jetsetter, and Black sugar. You'll love the whiff of the scent you get throughout the day combined with the natural oils which keep your hair healthy and strong.

Scalp serum
Written by Tamika on 27th Dec 2018

I am very pleased and singing your praise everyday. This product has had my itchy, dry scalp feeling amazing. The cherry on top is the wonderful smell and watching the people in the room trying to figure out were it is coming from. Love everything I have purchased and forever will be a customer!!!!!

Absolutely Amazing!
Written by Lakeisha Edwards on 24th Oct 2018

I love the watermelon scent. I am a lazy natural. I hate oiling my scalp but the applicator on the bottle makes it very easy. The best part is the fact that it smells sooooo good! When you get hot and your temperature rises, you smell it even more. People always ask me what type of perfume I wear at the gym. Im like, Chile, that's the oil in my hair!

The smell is great
Written by Barbara Polk on 26th Nov 2017

I needed a product that would grow my hair in my spot, this is the product.

I love it!!!
Written by C. Ratchford on 11th May 2017

The serum (Lavender Peach) is not heavy at all... It is great on my scalp and my daughter's. The smell is AWESOME!!!! I have had people to ask what type of perfume I had on because they could smell my hair. This gets a YES from me!!!

My hair loves this serum!!!
Written by undefined on 4th Feb 2017

I love the way it is packaged. It was so much easier to get through my hair regiment. I have the serum in Grape. I paired it with the Mane Meal to do my twist out. My hair was so soft and manageable. I have to order another bottle for my kids because I hate to share my BB products. LOL