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All deodorants are NOT created equally! Save your body from the harsh chemicals and aluminims intoxicating our bodies in store brands.

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Written by Al on 17th Mar 2018

I've been on the search for a long lasting deodorant that's natural and I think I found it. It leaves me dry and I don't have to reapply and I do a lot of strenuous activity of last through that. Also love there is no longer any residue on my clothing which is a big plus. Just wish there were more scents to choose from

Going Natural
Written by BoxBrat on 17th Oct 2017

So I've had 2 rounds with this deodorant. The first go round, It didn't work for me. I was just dabbling in the natural realm and hadn't known about the detox phase. Fast forward a year later I revisited this product after going through a pretty harsh detox with a baking soda based deodorant paste that left my arm pits black and painful. I tried the BB again and it soothed my pits. In a few days the scabs had healed and were peeling off. I have the Ginger Peach and the Oatmeal Honey. It's very moisturizing, smells great and does a good job of keeping the stink away. I plan to purchase a few other scents! For those who did not have good luck with it,try detoxing first! Best wishes!

WOW! Island Sangria
Written by Jazmin Melvin on 26th Aug 2017

Deodorant smells fantastic and last all day! Great product!

Smells great but not for the super active
Written by undefined on 30th Mar 2017

I absolutely love the smell of the deodorant but I am very active. I used it four days in a row. By the fourth application, it just didn't hold a chick down again.

Not for me
Written by Tammy S on 13th Jan 2017

I feel bad for giving a lower rating for this product, but I can only be honest. I ordered this in the scent of Lemongrass Green Tea and the scent was ok, but this deodorant didn't quite meet my needs. I don't feel like it holds up through the whole day and I had to keep touching up. Sadly, it just doesn't work for me, but I might try it in another scent down the line to see if it'd work. The lemongrass green tea scent is fleeting, but again this was my experience.

Written by Cassie on 17th Sep 2016

I won't lie...I was VERY skeptical and fully expected to go back to my tried and true Secret deodorant. Chile...I have NOT used anything else since I received my first shipment last week. It has held overnight...all day at work...during Zumba class...and most importantly there has been NO weird odors. Just so you know I am a heavy sweater, it is dripping when I workout. This stuff is amazing and natural. I no longer have to apply deodorant last so it isn't on my clothes. It goes on light and isn't chalky at all. Not a huge fan of the Oatmeal Honey so I'll probably do Sugar Mama next. So glad I was led to the land of Bubble Bistro!

Best Deodorant Ever!!
Written by undefined on 3rd Sep 2015

Love this deodorant!! Keeps me dry and smells great. It even lasts through long run and cycle rides. Will definately repurchase.

Written by MommyT on 14th Aug 2015

Ordered the Oatmeal and Honey scent and I love it. So fresh and really controls wetness and oder but NOT with a fake powdery smell most deodorants have. Really feels good underarm and non irritating. Will order again for sure!

Written by tanyika reynolds on 13th Aug 2015

I ordered 2 of the oatmeal honey and can't use them. I may be allergic to something that it is made of. I tried on 2 different occasions and my underarms were on fire both times. My BFF bought the same and she loves it. I'm light weight jealous.. Rating for the scent alone.

Makes going Natural easy!
Written by undefined on 16th Apr 2015

Going NATURAL to me means putting as less CHEMICALS on and in the body as possible. BUT I was reluctant in trying Vegan deodorant. For some reason I didn't think it would have the same effect as regular deodorant. I was wrong! This stuff is great. I was PLEASANTLY surprised! Thank YOU!